That’s for the Birds!

As a kid growing up on a family island, you tend to get yourself into some interesting adventures wondering through the bushes. Always fascinated with food, I remember eating some weird looking plants and seeds, thankfully I never got sick or poisoned.

Centella asiatica

My friends and I would pretend a certain flower was lipstick and put it on our lips (no color ever came off) and then suck the nectar from it. The way I see it now is that most of modern medicines are plant-based so I had the right idea about getting it straight from the source. I don’t know the name of the “lipstick flower” but I know it when I see and it always brings back a fond memory.

Ringplay… Is it extinct?

If your girlfriend doesn’t know about playing ringplay when she was younger, she’s probably too young for you (lol). Seriously though, I can not remember the last time I saw children playing ringplay.

I’m trying to think of a most appropriate way to describe what a ringplay is… It was what kids, mostly young girls from the neighborhood or in the school yards did before the days of CD players, cellphones and all of that. We stood in a circle and sang traditional ringplay songs. “There’s a brown girl in the ring…sha-la-la-la-la”, “Show me your motion…tra-la-la-la-la”, “Naughty Johnny” and so many others. Sometimes a person would get in the middle of the circle and whine up and then got to pick the next person in the middle. I can even recall playing this in junior high during physical education class.

I wonder if my little sister plays this in school. Kids nowadays grow up too fast and speed through their childhood. I was one of those that couldn’t wait to become an adult too, but, I still enjoyed being a kid. Being able to play hide and seek, catch and freezes, porkin’ and breaktime was actually fun time.

It may seem like it’s a bit vulgar, but it was all in due fun and sometimes even adults would join in. There was also some ringplay songs that required no dancing but were more so a fun game like “Down by the river, down by the sea. Johnny break the bottle and blame it on me. I told ma, ma told pa. Johnny get a lickin’ with a ha ha ha.”

Thinking about these games brings back good memories but I wonder if in a few years, it’ll become a lost aspect of Bahamian culture and something that we talk about and tell our kids like the days of playing hop-scotch and jacks (which I did too, and enjoyed). We have to preserve our culture and not allow it to water down and waste away.

Standing in front of the t.v.

As a young kid, I remember watching shows with my cousin not from the couch but hours just standing there – in front of the tv. Power Rangers, Barney, The Magic School Bus, Carmen SanDiego… whatever show was on, we stood there like mini zombie, dancing, singing and acting out everything we possibly could. Even commercials…and there were many of them! It seemed like watching tv was watching more commercials than actual show. Continue reading

Life’s A Beach!

may 052

When you live on an surrounded by water people think that you must obviously spend much of your time on the beach basking in the sun darkening my already chocolate tan. Well sorry to disappoint but it’s rarely ever this way. I’m a college student, I gata work or spend time looking for a job so on those beautifully warm days when the sea is so mesmerizing, I’m on my feet an entire shift in a cold kitchen or trying to get behind a desk with a computer and put some files into a cabinet drawer. And on the days I do get off, I want to sleep or maybe catch a movie. Continue reading