(Almost) Free Education

I recently saw an announcement through the social media websites about The College of The Bahamas offering free tuition to students who passed 5 or more BGCSE’s with specified subjects. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to help encourage students to continue and pursue continued education. For many, as inexpensive as studying right here at home may be, the funds are simply not there in some families, I know there was certainly none for me, thank the Lord for a full scholarship. But with this, it makes a degree more attainable and most students can and should look for part-time work to help cover the cost of books and fees.

Countries like Germany and France have free tuition education all around so to see this, I’m glad that it’s a step in the right direction. What say ye?


Roach on Ya Bread!

If you have truly submerged yourself into Bahamian culture, you may have heard several of the following phrases:

Roach on ya bread!

Dog eat ya lunch!

Ya wybe sour!

Dat one name ova!

Oh what poets we Bahamians is! All of these phrases basically mean the same thing, that your situation is not good. Surely, seeing a cockroach on your food item would make you not want to eat it, no matter how delicious that food was going to be.  The first phrase however, also has another layered meaning to it. See if you can figure it out from this song:

Get the drift?? No? To put it eloquently, it’s a sexual reference to someone stealing your significant other. Roaches are nasty, sneaky¬† creatures, which could aptly describe someone trying to steal another’s s.o. If you’re not familiar female anatomy slang then I’ll let you figure out what body part the bread is in reference to.
I know, it’s a bit vulgar for my liking but people use the phrase to describe other not-so-nice situations.

Maybe you can add these to your list of Bahamian metaphors and maybe even use them, although as said in previous blogs, when using Bahamian slang or phrases, do so carefully and wisely.