Life’s A Beach!

may 052

When you live on an surrounded by water people think that you must obviously spend much of your time on the beach basking in the sun darkening my already chocolate tan. Well sorry to disappoint but it’s rarely ever this way. I’m a college student, I gata work or spend time looking for a job so on those beautifully warm days when the sea is so mesmerizing, I’m on my feet an entire shift in a cold kitchen or trying to get behind a desk with a computer and put some files into a cabinet drawer. And on the days I do get off, I want to sleep or maybe catch a movie.

The older you become, you end up spending less time in the water and more time inland, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. When I was a kid, my dad wouldn’t let me go in the water unless he or some greatly trusted adult (my aunt) was there. I would have my friends push me in the water so that I’d  have a reasonable excuse as to why I got wet. In hindsight I realize that he wasn’t trying to torture me but just keep his only child safe.

My younger cousin at a beach picnic

My younger cousin at a beach picnic

Even though I couldn’t go in the water often, I would go as close as I can and just put my feet in. The beach was a 3 minute walk from my house so I would go out there and just look out to sea and get lost in the waves. I have no idea what deep, meditative thoughts I was having at 9 years old but hey, I was out there contemplating life’s questions at that time: what I wanted to be when I grew up, how me and my friends were going to be friends forever and how jealous that my dog could just go in the water and I couldn’t!

In high school, going to the beach on holidays was torture because I had to go with my mom and her husband and my brothers when all my other friends got to go as a group and hang out. Many times I preferred to opt out and stay at home than to sulk around on the beach because there was no one for me to talk to and no, I didn’t have a CD player, mp3 player or any of that stuff.

Fast forward to young adulthood and I would live on the beach every holiday from school we got. I was doing my grown woman thing so I could go on the beach when I wanted (yay!), but sometimes there wasn’t much time due to studies.

Throw back! 2009 a holiday on Cabbage Beach

June 021

oldies 025

Now, I’m lucky if I see the beach once a year. But life happens, you do what you can. When I move back home hopefully I’ll get to enjoy more sunny days on a beach working on my novel!

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