Teacher, Teacher

Back in the day in primary school teachers were up at the top next to parents. Their word was pretty much gospel even if you couldn’t stand them. When a teacher entered the room you had to immediately get up from your chair and greet them. I remember my friends and I dragging out “Good mornin’ Ms. a Kinney, good morning friends” It was a slow death if you had to listen to it but it made me wonder if kids today still do that — stand when a teacher enters the room.

As of late I have also been working on a project with the National Teachers Hall of Fame in an effort to raise awareness about them and hopefully get more people honor the teachers that may have made a difference in their lives. You can donate to the hall and include the name of a teacher you would like to honor, purchase a block to put on the wall of fame or make web connections. My classmates and I want teachers and students alike to share their photos, letters and stories of the teachers they want to honor.

My classmates (l-r) Ayat and Kelsey along with myself in the National Teacher's Hall of Fame

My classmates (l-r) Ayat and Kelsey along with myself in the National Teacher’s Hall of Fame

With the tragic deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary, we all can see that there are teachers that go above and beyond their duty to educate children. They have given their lives protecting them so surely one dollar to an organization dedicated to honoring the memory of those lost and those still here should be a small task.

If you have pictures, letters or stories that you want to share of how your teacher has impacted your life, send emails to: hallfameg@gmail.com

Twitter: @TeachersHall
Facebook: nationalteachers.fame

One of my favorite teachers was my 3rd grade teacher Ms. J. Mckinney. She was not the best singer, lol, but she was pretty great and speedy writer on the chalkboard. It was in her class that I first started writing, even though it was basically me copying word for word the Mary-Kate and Ashley Adventures.