Standing in front of the t.v.

As a young kid, I remember watching shows with my cousin not from the couch but hours just standing there – in front of the tv. Power Rangers, Barney, The Magic School Bus, Carmen SanDiego… whatever show was on, we stood there like mini zombie, dancing, singing and acting out everything we possibly could. Even commercials…and there were many of them! It seemed like watching tv was watching more commercials than actual show.

Ahhh…good ol’ Enya. Back then, most homes had satellite dishes that were so big they were mounted in the yard. The one in my dad’s yard eventually became more useful as post for the clothes line.

Suffice to say that yes, we watch tv just like they do in America. I used to watch The X-Files and wrassling with my grammy late at night and even Tales from the Crypt with that creepy looking skeleton. That show made the run from the tv room to my grammy’s bedroom a race for my life because surely, the creature from that show was right behind me! But ,I loved it all the same. Every time I listen to an Enya song, my mind goes back to those days where me and my cousin were just two little kids standing in front of the tv.

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