It’s Pretty Awesome


I don’t mean to brag but hey, the Bahamas is pretty cool and I get to live there and eat all those amazing foods. The end of the semester is quickly approaching which means the assignments are going to be due, exams will be around the corner and stress levels will be high. But the reward will be being able to go home and perch this body a on a beach I hope.

The older you get, the less time you spend actually enjoying summer, unless you’re a teacher. As a college student, summer means crappy summer job or internship with minimum wage pay, but it’s a necessity or my last name will be Broke.

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to going home, taking awesome photos of the beach (if I get there) and documenting some of my summer in this blog.

Life’s A Beach!

may 052

When you live on an surrounded by water people think that you must obviously spend much of your time on the beach basking in the sun darkening my already chocolate tan. Well sorry to disappoint but it’s rarely ever this way. I’m a college student, I gata work or spend time looking for a job so on those beautifully warm days when the sea is so mesmerizing, I’m on my feet an entire shift in a cold kitchen or trying to get behind a desk with a computer and put some files into a cabinet drawer. And on the days I do get off, I want to sleep or maybe catch a movie. Continue reading