Summer Fun in the Not-So-Sunny Sun

Towards the end of summer, I went on an amazing boat adventure tour in which I got to see some of the Exuma cays. There are over 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas although most of them are uninhabited. There are some celebs that own a few private islands in the Bahamas including Nicholas Cage, Julia Roberts and Johnny Depp. But on this tour, I got to see these and some unique treasures that Exuma has to offer.

We did this on a day that a bit cloudy and actually storming in some areas. Imagine if the sun was out shining in its glory! Could you imagine?! Beautiful.

Standing in front of the t.v.

As a young kid, I remember watching shows with my cousin not from the couch but hours just standing there – in front of the tv. Power Rangers, Barney, The Magic School Bus, Carmen SanDiego… whatever show was on, we stood there like mini zombie, dancing, singing and acting out everything we possibly could. Even commercials…and there were many of them! It seemed like watching tv was watching more commercials than actual show. Continue reading