Talkin Sex Stuff

So I was trying to think of a way to group some Bahamian words and I realized we have a lot of different terms for sex-related things. I’ll try to keep it as clean as the topic allows. Me giving these and their definition by no means is me suggesting that you use these terms but rather to simply make you aware of what is actually being said if you’re in a conversation with a group of Bahamians.

Boonggy/bungy/boongie: n. refers to one’s bottom or behind. V. anal penetration.

Eg. 1.) She gat a solid boonggy bey! 2.) Why you walkin’ like you get bungy?!

Bread: n. refers to female genitals.

Bubby: adj. used to describe the shape of one’s lips. It’s usually used to say that it’s big and round. n. refers to a woman’s breasts.

Eg. 1.) Thas a bubby lip aye! 2.) She gat a big boonggy and big bubby!

Crabby: n. refers to female genitals.

Cuckoo soup: soup into which certain bodily fluids are placed to “tame a man”, especially one who is trying to win the heart of that man; said to have magical powers in winning the man in marriage.NYC 400

Doggy: n. refers to male genitals.

Gun casin: used to describe the curves of a woman’s upper thigh area (ie. like a cowboys’ gun case) to say that she is curvacious.

Sweetheart/sweetheartin’: to have an affair or be cheating with someone who is not your spouse/(main) significant other.

(Da) Wammy: n. HIV/AIDS. Used in a derogatory sense.

The act of sex has many different terms and has changing over time with new generations. Here are a few of those terms:

Juicing, grinding (the d is silent), sexin’.

Again,  this list of words is not for you to go around talking this way because it just sounds vulgar. It’s just to inform you of what’s really being said and you’ll think twice before asking someone if they juice (and I’m talking about making juice using a juicer).