the D-List

Check this story out and then come back to me. Bahamas D Average

Ok, so you’ve read it? What are your thoughts on what the government can do to improve exam grades? BGCSEs stem from the British education system. As we were a British colony, we still follow many British traditions and procedures of doing things. It is a sad state for our education though. My issue comes with the fact the the government could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a gambling referendum and minimally invest in our future i.e. kids and their education.

Of course I know that it is a cyclic situation when parents can’t invest a lot of time in their kids’ schoolwork because they have to work extra hours just to support their family or they themselves didn’t receive proper education. It takes a village to raise a child and this big village that is our country is not putting as much effort as it needs to. Instead, they blame teachers, who are expected to be everything and then some for 20 + students every day. I’ve heard some colleagues that are teachers say that they have given many a students lunch money and have had to buy much of their supplies out-of-pocket. Why are the classrooms lacking the necessities???

I know for a fact that I was not a D-student, nor were any of my friends. And it wasn’t because I went to a private high school. Five of the smartest people I know all went to government (public) schools. All students don’t have that natural smart or talent but they should not be left behind because of it.

What say you?

Summer Fun in the Not-So-Sunny Sun

Towards the end of summer, I went on an amazing boat adventure tour in which I got to see some of the Exuma cays. There are over 700 islands and cays that make up the Bahamas although most of them are uninhabited. There are some celebs that own a few private islands in the Bahamas including Nicholas Cage, Julia Roberts and Johnny Depp. But on this tour, I got to see these and some unique treasures that Exuma has to offer.

We did this on a day that a bit cloudy and actually storming in some areas. Imagine if the sun was out shining in its glory! Could you imagine?! Beautiful.

Tea Time

Today on campus there was an international tea party that I thoroughly enjoyed. My only regret is not representing the Baha by bringing out some of our traditional teas aka bush teas.


The cerasee plant is a vine-like plant that can grow wildly on fences. Although a very bitter tea, the seed in the pod are very sweet.

I remember having to drink cerasee, a very bitter bush tea, without sugar or any additives, EVERY SATURDAY like clockwork. My reward would be piece of gum or Fox mint candies. Cerasee is said to be good for worms and blood cleansing. Continue reading

Fish & Bread Amen!

As I sit here writing this in an attempt to load a show and procrastinate on my reading assignment, I can’t help but to think of my stomach (of course) and how much I wish I was home right now because Easter Monday is a holiday. Smh @ the U.S. govt. but anywho, as mentioned in a previous post, fish and hot cross buns on Good Friday has been a long standing tradition in The Bahamas since before I was me.

Since being away at school I haven’t kept up with the tradition much because it would be a bit hard to find some snappers in a Kansas lake.

Salmon & Cinnamon Rolls

Salmon & Cinnamon Rolls

Far cry from what I’m used to back home but I improvised quite well I think! Sapphire Ridge Chronicles shared a recipe for hot cross buns that worked for her. Maybe next Easter I’ll try my hand at making them.