Don’t Call Me a Jungaless!

Urban Dictionary defines jungaless:  females that have pink, blue, green or freaky colored hair wears skin tight clothing with parts of their body out, talk loud and use profanity and is usually seen in Cock Tails & Dream (Jungalass Night Club of the Bahamanicki minas) dancing on their head and would have no problem opening up a beer with their teeth!

At first glance, it seems pretty accurate but then I reflect a little bit more on what it really means to be a jungaless. I do agree with the dancing on head bit though and by that definition, Nicki Minaj is indeed a jungaless! Individually, those characteristics may not seem so bad. I’m sure those words can describe some of us. But altogether, it’s not cute!

You have women that are not jungaless that are very artistic when it comes to their hairstyles that I wouldn’t necessarily say is jungaless. Jungaless, like ghetto, is also a mindset that some females have. Lack of priorities or rather the wrong priorities could also describe a jungaless.

For a jungaless, top priority may be hair, nails and a new outfit every weekend but light is off, the kids look dirty and a clean house is a joke.

Here’s  what Ian G. Strachan (a Bahamian author) wrote Looka Da Jungaless. 

Actually, I think some women should take a tip or two from a jungaless…bedroom tip that is. Afterall, they’re the ones guys are sweetheartin’ with because some women act too cute in the bedroom or are just too timid. The jungaless, timid, she is NOT. But don’t take relationship advice from her, she may be trying to steal your man!

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