Fish & Bread Amen!

As I sit here writing this in an attempt to load a show and procrastinate on my reading assignment, I can’t help but to think of my stomach (of course) and how much I wish I was home right now because Easter Monday is a holiday. Smh @ the U.S. govt. but anywho, as mentioned in a previous post, fish and hot cross buns on Good Friday has been a long standing tradition in The Bahamas since before I was me.

Since being away at school I haven’t kept up with the tradition much because it would be a bit hard to find some snappers in a Kansas lake.

Salmon & Cinnamon Rolls

Salmon & Cinnamon Rolls

Far cry from what I’m used to back home but I improvised quite well I think! Sapphire Ridge Chronicles shared a recipe for hot cross buns that worked for her. Maybe next Easter I’ll try my hand at making them.

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