Fish & Bread Amen!

As I sit here writing this in an attempt to load a show and procrastinate on my reading assignment, I can’t help but to think of my stomach (of course) and how much I wish I was home right now because Easter Monday is a holiday. Smh @ the U.S. govt. but anywho, as mentioned in a previous post, fish and hot cross buns on Good Friday has been a long standing tradition in The Bahamas since before I was me.

Since being away at school I haven’t kept up with the tradition much because it would be a bit hard to find some snappers in a Kansas lake.

Salmon & Cinnamon Rolls

Salmon & Cinnamon Rolls

Far cry from what I’m used to back home but I improvised quite well I think! Sapphire Ridge Chronicles shared a recipe for hot cross buns that worked for her. Maybe next Easter I’ll try my hand at making them.

Chicken in the Bag

In America, there is Popeye’s and KFC. In the Bahamas, we’ve got places like Bamboo Shack and Sammy’s. They are the go-to spots when you’re looking to get an old fashioned greasy chicken and fries kind of meal. We have KFC too, but there’s something about the way ketchup and hot sauce merges with grease from a deep-fried thigh, fries and roll on the side, all wrapped with a wax paper covering and put into a brown paper bag, hence chicken in the bag.

Conch Snack from Bamboo Shack

Conch Snack from Bamboo Shack

While the photo above may not be chicken, it’s another great thing about our chicken in the bag joints: it doesn’t have to be just chicken. We are a people that loves us some seafood, so on most menus, there is going to be a seafood option(s). Fish burgers, conch burgers with a side of fries can hit the spot after a late night of partying. Imperials is known especially for the late night party goers because they stay open until 5 a.m.. The food isn’t anything special but I’ve heard it’s good for soaking up the alcohol in your system.

My favorite food from Bamboo Shack is the jerk thigh snack with mild jerk sauce. The hot jerk sauce is literally life altering! Jerk is mostly known for being a Jamaican dish but Bahamians have made a good name in having some pretty good jerk as well. This sort of food should not be eaten everyday but  rather occasionally as a guilty pleasure food.

Right now Bamboo Shack should be paying for all this free advertising (lol), but if you’re in Nassau and craving some greasy food, check out their CARIFTA (Caribbean Free Trade Association) Games specials they have going on. I did not know they served ribs and they even have veggie burgers now!

Native Eats…Coco Plums

Known in scientific terms as Chrysobalanus icaco, the coco plum is one of my favorite native fruits to eat.

It’s like a field of white gold!

Coco plums can be found growing in and around cypress swamps, low areas, tree islands, beaches, sand dunes, canals, riverside, ocean side thickets, by lakes, ponds and even in some landscaping. They have a meaty white texture and like most fruit, the meat covers the seed in the middle encased by a hard outer shell. When I was a kid, I would eat a coco plum clean and then crack open the shell to get to the seed. The seed did not taste good! It was tarty and bitter.

Coco plums don’t just come in the off shades of white and yellow. Some of them have blushes of pink.  There are also ones that are called black coco plums, but they aren’t really black. They have a really deep or dark blue color.


There was a coco plum tree right across the street from my house so I would raid it as soon as they got ripe. I would come back home with a shirt filled with them. As much as I enjoyed them, too many of them in one sitting could lead to a bit of constipation, lol. But to me, it was well worth it. I would knock a spider out of their home in the bush if I needed too. Spiders seemed to frequent these sorts of trees for some reason.

Coco plums can be used to make jellies or preserves but I have not had the privilege to try it in that form. I don’t even know anyone that has ever made it into a jelly, but it is possible. One of natures sweet delights that can be eaten as it, the coco plum needs no alterations to be a cool little snack and you can make an adventure out of it trying to pick them!