Oil Spill #3


Two other oil spills happened in Grand Bahama

So I just read an article on The Nassau Guardian’s news site about a third reported oil spill near the island of Inagua. It was reported that the spill was the result of a Haitian sloop sinking because of bad weather conditions and the oil leaked from the vessel. The story goes on to say that this is not a new problem for them etc…

#1. If this the third reported spill, how many unreported spills have there been?

#2. There were talks about drilling for oil in our waters in the past….um MARINE LIFE hello?!!!! They do realize that if an oil spill like what happened in the Gulf in 2010 were to happen in our waters, we’d really be a 3rd world country!

#3. “Monitoring and assessing” is not fixing the doggonit problem if the sunken boat debris is being left to pile up in the marina! Let’s cook with gas and not out in the rock oven people!!

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