Is there meat in the eyes?

I know it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve posted anything, but I’m back! Since November which was my last post, I have graduated with my bachelors degree in communication and I am now working for my school as an international student recruiter. How cool is my job!? It’s pretty cool.
With all the adjustments, there hasn’t been much time for blogging but last night, I was inspired. I was given the opportunity to speak to a colleague’s class about the Bahamas and Nassau in general because they’re planning to take a trip this summer to work with an organization there.
It was great to talk about home and go beyond the touristy experience and even discuss things that locals would take for granted. Like eating a whole fish. If you’re accustomed to only eating fillet tilapia, discovering that people eat the head of fish can seem a bit creepy. And yes, there are some people that eat even the fish eyes.
So with that said, I hope to get back into regularly posting blogs. I will try to post 1-3 new blogs per week. This is no guarantee as there will be times I’m travelling for work and will simply not have the time.
So, here’s to a new year of adventure’s from this Bahamian girl and I hope to share them with you.

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