Should EVERYTHING Be Put on the internet?

Now I know we live in a time where sex tapes can lea gid to you becoming a mogul of sorts. Heck, even YouTube has led to some people stretching their 15 minutes of fame (see Antoine Dodson and that girl who sings about Friday). But is it okay that we as regular citizens perpetuate certain things like sharing a screen shot of a minors involved in sexual acts?? How far is too far?

Photo from Bahamas Press

This is the screenshot shared to Facebook by Bahamas Press, a gossip tabloid of sorts in Nassau. According to BP, a FB page using the girl’s name was created and the video was shared that way. WordPress doesn’t give me the crop option but I made the picture as small as possible and did my own version of blurring. The unedited version of this can still be seen on BP’s Facebook page.

Yes, what these kids are doing is wrong and they should be ashamed of themselves but we as adults, should we perpetuate the problem by sharing videos like these or even photos where some nudity is shown?

I’d like to get some feedback on this one. Comment below!

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