Welcome to my new blog!!

To a lot of people, growing up on an island seems pretty cool. Well, it is honestly and that is what I hope to share with readers.  From my experiences and stories I hope that readers learn a little bit about me and a lot more about what island life is truly like in The Bahamas. Some people are misinformed about the way we live and so I hope some of what I write is educational and maybe even a little bit funny…My sense of humor is rather boring actually, but we’ll see how it goes.

My journalism lecturer encourages us students to write daily. Well, I won’t be writing daily but I can promise weekly entries on everything from island food, to plants and nature and even places to go if you happen to visit one of the Bahamas islands.

We are a very proud people so I would rather readers send me lots of questions and ideas about things to write about than to have another Nellie Day incident.

For more laughs, check out this video.

What Say You

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